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What to do when extreme weather hits

People across the Yorkshire and Lancashire regions are still counting the heavy and particularly devastating cost of Storm Frank. What’s more as weather within the UK becomes ever more unpredictable, and as the issue of climate change is seemingly promising a future of storms, the areas affected by flooding may well go far beyond past flood […]

What Happens to Your Waste?

When it comes to household rubbish, we’re often guilty of indulging in that old saying, ‘out of sight, out of mind’. After all, once it’s safely tucked away in the dustbin, it kind of leaves our sphere of awareness for good. Except, well, that shouldn’t be the case. You see, research indicates that over 60% […]

Skip and Waste are Open for Business!

After months and months of preparation, we are proud to announce that Skip and Waste are finally open for business. We can’t wait to take the UK’s skip hire and waste management market by storm, and it’s all thanks to our loyal customers. You see, we’re not exactly starting from scratch. Skip and Waste are […]