Skip and Waste are Open for Business!


After months and months of preparation, we are proud to announce that Skip and Waste are finally open for business. We can’t wait to take the UK’s skip hire and waste management market by storm, and it’s all thanks to our loyal customers.

You see, we’re not exactly starting from scratch. Skip and Waste are owned by the same brilliant minds that brought the industry-leading Trade Skips into the world, and the success that has been enjoyed within that commercial frame got them thinking about how we create something that would cater not only for big businesses, but for the little guy too; those folks who are looking for an easy one-time hire without clambering through the mountains of paperwork and business jargon.

That little seed of an idea found root, and began to germinate as the prospect seemed more and more achievable, from both a financial and a relational perspective. With every satisfied customer at Trade Skips, we learned a little more about talking to different types of people; and the better we got at that, the more business we got! It’s a fairly straightforward business model, but in the age of buzzwords and viral marketing, our to-the-point way of doing things is working very well indeed.

And so it was that Skip and Waste was born. So here we are! Not only do we have plenty of experience in the industry, but we also set ourselves apart with some outstanding customer service. Whether you’re a skip hire expert or you don’t know the first thing about it, we’ll make sure that we’re communicating clearly with you so you always know exactly what’s going on. After all, it’s not nice getting left in the dark; plus, we’re always looking for feedback, so if there’s anything you’re not happy with, you won’t have to wait until we’ve finished the job to let us know.

A lot of other skip hire businesses ignore the domestic market because they don’t make huge profits from them. We don’t. That’s because we don’t run our business on figures, but on people. After all, customer satisfaction is what makes our world go round. You can find out how we can help out with any kind of domestic project you might have by visiting our projects page, whether that’s a bog-standard garden tidy-up or something a little more complex, such as building a new driveway or an extension to your house. We’ve even got a range of skip sizes to make sure you get the one that’s best suited both to your job and to your wallet.

And on top of all that, we’re also energy efficient in everything we do. We’re tree huggers at heart, which is why we recycle up to 98% of everything you pop into our skips. We might be ‘Waste’ by name, but not by nature; we’ll redirect as much waste away from landfill as we can because Mother Nature is our favourite business partner. That means that not only will you be free of all that waste, but you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.

Finally, though, I suppose it’s worth warning you that there is one thing we’re not great at: being modest. It’s difficult because we’re brilliant and we know it. Sorry about that.