Controlled Waste

There are so many different types of waste that are produced on the domestic, commercial and industrial levels that it can often be hard to keep up with what is protected by legislation and what isn’t. Thankfully, Skip and Waste have the expertise in controlled waste necessary to save you the confusion and the headache.

Controlled waste is basically any waste that is subject to certain regulations either in its handling or its disposal. Without knowing which of your waste is classed as controlled waste, it’s really difficult to adhere to all the legal regulations relating to it. When you hire one of our services, however, we’ll ensure that your waste is handled in the proper way, keeping you clear of any unnecessary fines.

When you book with us, you can run through a checklist of waste types over the phone so that our staff know what kinds of controlled waste you have that needs disposing. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to book using our online portal, you’ll need to declare any controlled waste in your application, after which we’ll give you a call to establish exactly how much controlled waste you have. That way, we can plan in advance to ensure the responsible handling and disposal of any item of waste from the moment we come to collect it. It would really help us out, and you too!

Here are a few examples of controlled waste that you might not know about:

  • Plasterboard — this needs to be separated from other waste upon collection because it’s illegal to send plasterboard to landfill.
  • Fridge Freezer — these are classed as ‘large waste items’, and contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, which is why we charge per appliance upon collection.
  • Asbestos — this is a toxic material, and as such requires licensed removal specialists (like us) to remove it properly.
  • Tyres — these go through a rigorous recycling process, and because of their bulk we charge by the tyre.
  • Electrical Equipment – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (or WEEE for short) is heavily legislated. Our charges for electrical waste are based on their volume.
  • Fluorescent tubes — though fine in small quantities, we’ll need to be informed if you’re getting rid of a lot of fluorescent tubing to prepare appropriately.
  • Paint and Paint Cans — again, our prices will depend on volume.
  • Hazardous and Toxic Materials — these include things like asbestos, waste oils, and clinical waste. This type of waste is the most heavily regulated, so sticking with a professional licensed handler (like us) is the wisest option.

After you book with us, we’ll put together a quote for you so you know in advance what you’ll pay and why. We never want to put you out of pocket, which is why our prices are always the best in the industry. You can even pay in advance over the phone after the amount is agreed, meaning you can sit back and relax as your waste is handled with care and responsibility by our dedicated team. Simple!

So why wait? Skip and Waste offer the very best controlled waste services in the UK, so give us a call today to talk to one of our expert advisors, and find out how we can help you.