12 Yard Skip


How much will a 12 Yard Skip hold?

Bin Bags
The perfect choice for large quantities of light-to-medium weight waste

The biggest skip of the bunch. The 12-yard skip or ‘maxi skip’ is the largest skip available, and it’s whopping 9.17m³ capacity combined with a depth of nearly 6 ft make it the perfect choice for truly massive quantities of light-to-medium weight waste. It can accommodate 100-120 fully loaded black bin liners; that’s 6 two-seater sofas.

Capacity: 12 Yards3 Capacity: 9.17m3
Height: 5'6" Height: 1.68m
Length: 12'2" Length: 3.7m
Width: 5'10" Width: 1.78m

Whilst usually used for commercial and industrial work, the 12-yard skip is great for very large house clearances, multi-room refurbishments or if you’re combining waste from more than one project. The 12-yard skip spans a huge area, which is ideal for the disposal of very large items that otherwise would have to be disposed of separately. Plus, the skip sides are high enough to safely contain any loose material that might spill out of a shallower skip, making the transfer of the skip from the property nice and safe for you and our drivers.

Because of its gargantuan size, however, the 12-yard skip is not suitable to fill completely with dense waste like soil or concrete, as the skip lorry won’t be able to take the weight. That said, it’s still a great option if you’re combining small but heavy waste with some bulky, lighter items.

So now you know: for a truly mammoth job, there is no substitute for our gigantic 12-yard skip. Give us a call to book yours today.