4 Yard Skip


How much will a 4 Yard Skip hold?

Bin Bags
Ideal for your average bathroom refit or house clearance

A very popular choice. The 4 yard skip, also known as a ‘small skip’ or ‘midi skip’, is ideally designed to handle your average bathroom refit or house clearance. It holds roughly 30-40 fully filled black bin liners or 2  two seater sofas, if you’re planning on skipping the old suite.

Capacity: 4 Yards3 Capacity: 3.05m3
Height: 3'2" Height: 0.97m
Length: 6' Length: 1.83m
Width: 4'3" Width: 1.29m

A 4-yard skip can come in really handy if you have plenty of waste to dispose of but you like the room to accommodate a larger skip size. It will comfortably fit onto the average driveway, and takes up less room on a public road than it’s more widely used ‘bigger brother’ the 8-yard skip. Of course, if you’re planning to place your skip on a public road you may well require a permit (see our ‘Permits’ page for more information).

If you’re thinking about hiring a midi skip but are unsure about the size, using the bathroom analogy can be really useful. Try to imagine the amount of waste created if you stripped out your bathroom, assuming its a reasonably normal size. If the amount of waste you’re planning to get rid of is about the same as what would come out of your bathroom, then this skip may be the one for you. Any more, and you might need to think about hiring a bigger skip.