8 Yard Skip


How much will a 8 Yard Skip hold?

Bin Bags
Ideal for refitting more than one room, or having a major garden overhaul

The 8-yard skip is the most widely used skip in the U.K. If you’re refitting more than one room, or having a major garden overhaul, then the 8-yard skip is perfect skip for the job. This skip can hold the equivalent of between 60-80 full black bin liners; that’s enough to fit in three two-seater sofas with room for a couple of arm chairs, too!

Capacity: 8 Yards3 Capacity: 6.11m3
Height: 4' Height: 1.22m
Length: 12' Length: 3.66m
Width: 5'6" Width: 1.68m

Often when you see a large skip at the side of a public road, it’s likely that you’re seeing an 8-yard skip.There can often be certain weight restrictions with skip sizes, especially when it comes to the handling of dense waste types such as metal, brick, and heavy wood.

The 8-yard skip is the largest skip size to properly handle these dense waste types, which is why they’re immensely popular with builders and construction agencies. This is mainly because 8-yard skips are small enough to be comfortably handled by a lorry when full of heavy materials, allowing for the secure transfer of the skip to and from the property. And with a capacity of up to 6.11 m³, the 8-yard skip is still ideal for large-scale jobs. Perfect!