Glass Recycling

The average U.K household uses 500 glass bottles and jars every single year. Lots of glass gets recycled but bars, pubs and restaurants still send an estimated 200,000 tonnes of glass to landfill every single year. Making new glass requires incredible amounts of heat, in fact, to make 1 tonne of glass a furnace will use the energy equivalent of burning 250 kilograms of wood. That’s not okay with us, which is why all the glass you send our way will be properly recycled.

Another issue is that, whilst landfill glass doesn’t give of any greenhouse gases like many other types of waste, it will never completely decompose. The good news is that glass is 100% recyclable; it can be recycled again and again without compromising its quality, making it the most efficient recycling process of the lot.

When it’s being recycled, glass is crushed and decontaminated before being melted down and re-blown into all sorts of remarkable things. We are partnered with the very best recycling plants in the UK; it’s our way of guaranteeing that as much of your glass is recycled as possible, every single time you hire us.

Recycled glass can be used to make new glass bottles, jam jars and glassware but it is also used to make glass insulation for buildings and fibre-optic cable. So, any glass you throw into our skips may end up keeping you warm at night or even speeding up your internet connection! That’s ‘giving back’ that really makes a difference.