Waste Oil Collection

Got any leftover oil you need to get rid of? Our new waste oil collection service is the perfect solution. Not only will we take all that oil off your hands, but we’ll even pay you for it! Two birds with one stone.

Waste oil collection is a service that sees our helpful staff take to the roads to find you and your leftover oil. All of our teams are specially trained to ensure that you’re getting the best service and expertise possible, and most importantly that you’re getting the fairest price available for your oil. Plus, we only employ people who are able to explain the whole process to you clearly and cheerfully, because we understand it can get a little confusing when companies aren’t transparent in these situations.

We’ll take on a wide range of waste oils, which include:

    • Electrical insulation oil
    • Kerosene
    • Gearbox oil
    • Diesel and gas oils
    • Lubricants
    • Used cooking oil

Whether you are selling on a domestic or a commercial scale, it’s always worth getting in touch with us. Our waste oil collection service is free and requires very little effort on your behalf. Plus, our prices are so competitive that you can make a good profit from even small quantities of oil.

On the other end of the scale, we can also handle huge oil deposits, too. Our vehicles are designed to handle huge quantities of oil if need be, so if you require oil disposal on an industrial scale, you’re in the best hands with Skip and Waste. Plus, we guarantee to repurpose your waste oil to maximum effect, allowing you to rest secure in the knowledge that your company has contributed to keeping the environment cleaner and safer in the long run.

Since oil is classed as a hazardous waste, it requires a licensed carrier to handle and recycle it. Don’t worry; we’re fully licensed and our staff are professionally trained, meaning that your audit trail is clean and that your transaction with us is fully legal. We’ll give you a receipt and all the necessary documentation for you to keep for your own records, so that if you spot anything you’d like to pass by us, you can give us a call confident that you have the information you need.

Need we say more? Call us to find out how you can profit from your waste oils with Skip and Waste today.