Our Process

Step 1: Book Online or Over the Phone

BY PHONE — You get to chat to one of our friendly advisors who’ll guide you through the booking process step by step, ensuring you book the right service for your project.

ONLINE — You can use our online booking portal (it’s just as magical as it sounds) where every step in the booking process is made as simple as possible.

EITHER WAY… — You’ll always get the best price available to you. We’re quite proud of that, really.


Step 2: Arranging Skip Delivery,

PICK A TIME — Don’t be shy: pick the time that suits YOU best, not anyone else. We’ll sort it.

RELAX — We’ll handle all the logistics so you can relax. Have a cup of tea if you like.

PERMISSION GRANTED — We’ll even sort out the paperwork to sort out a permit for you so that you’re legally secure.


Step 3: Skip is Delivered

MAKE SPACE– Make sure that the address that you order your skip to is accessible to a wagon (4m wide) and that the spot in which is intended to go is clear before delivery

ECO-FRIENDLY — We always plan ahead so that your skip is delivered by the Skip and Waste wagon that is nearest to you. It saves the environment while saving you time.

CONVENIENT — We’ll only deliver your skip at a time that suits you. You don’t even need to wait at home for us; just tell us where to drop it off in advance and you can get on with your day hassle-free.


Step 4: Fill it Up

POSITION IT PROPERLY — We’ll need room to pick up the skip when you’re done with it, so make sure that your skip is positioned by a lorry-accessible road before you start filling it with all that heavy waste.  If you’re using a skip bag, you’ll also need to ensure that your bag is no more than 4 metres from the road, with no aerial obstructions such as overhanging branches or high walls.

BOTTOM HEAVY — Ensure that the heaviest waste goes into the skip first. This helps anchor it down to stop the skip from tipping over.

PICK UP THE PHONE — You can always call one of our expert advisors to help explain how to maximise your waste volume or to solve any logistical issues you might have.


Step 5: We Collect Your Skip

GOOD RIDDANCE — We’ll come and take all of that pesky waste off your hands after you’ve filled your skip, making your big clearance all the more satisfying.

EXTRA TIME — Need a little longer with your skip? Not a problem — just give us a call to let us know in advance.