6 Yard Skip


How much will a 6 Yard Skip hold?

Bin Bags
Great for kitchen refits, bedroom refits or a large house clearance

The most commonly hired skip for domestic use. The 6 yard skip, or ‘Builders skip’, is great for kitchen refits, bedroom refits or a large house clearance. It will hold around 50-60 full black bin liners or, if you’re getting rid of some bulky waste, three two-seater sofas might be a more useful example.

Capacity: 6 Yards3 Capacity: 4.58m3
Height: 4' Height: 1.22m
Length: 8'6" Length: 2.59m
Width: 5' Width: 1.52m

The 6-yard skip should be a little easier to picture than some of the others. Along with the 8-yard skip, are the two most commonly used skips in the U.K. It’s the pick of the bunch for large, single room refurbishments because it can hold plenty of waste whilst still being compact enough to be placed on a normal road without causing too much trouble. This means that if you’re looking for something with the capacity to handle big waste loads while still retaining plenty of maneuverability, the 6-yard skip is by far your best bet, especially since it can fit into tighter spaces than the 8-yard skip.

Overall, the 6-yard skip is the best all-rounder when it comes to work on domestic properties, whether you’re clearing out your garage or knocking down some walls. To book your skip, or for more information on size and prices, call us today. We’ll be happy to help.