Skip Permits

Those who might be unfamiliar with the business of skip hire may not know that you actually need a skip permit if your skip is being placed on a public highway. This information tends to get lost in the small print of a lot of business-customer transactions, which unfortunately leaves the unsuspecting part with a huge fine for unauthorised use of public property. Even worse, the few that do try to apply for skip permits find it extremely difficult because the process is unnecessarily complicated for anyone outside of the skip hire industry.

Luckily, Skip and Waste set the bar much higher when it comes to looking out for our customers. When you hire a skip from us, we’ll procure a skip permit for you at the best possible rate, to ensure that you never hire from us without being legally supported.

The reason that you might need a skip permit is that in the likely event that a skip is to be used on land owned by the local council — that is, any land that could be considered public property — the user must be able to show that his or her use has been permitted beforehand. It’s essentially a permission slip that guarantees you won’t face any legal action for using your skip. That would spoil anybody’s day.

The permit application process looks a little something like this: firstly, our staff will get in touch with your local council to run through a checklist determining the legal permissions needed to use a skip in your area, since these regulations actually vary around the country. Some councils will deal only with a licensed skip company as means of guaranteeing responsible use of property. We’ll apply for a permit via whichever avenue your council has requested on your behalf, ensuring that the permit expiry date falls after your period of use (even if you wish to delay the collection time), that the skip is ensured for damage to any public property, and of course, that you’re getting the very best price available. Finally, we’ll run through with you a checklist of materials that your permit allows you to dispose of in your skip, keeping you informed enough to keep within all legal boundaries.

And after all that? Well, we’ll probably have a cup of tea because getting a skip permit is hard work. We know it’s worth it, though; keeping customers happy is best part of our job. Why not give us a call today to find out more?