Waste Types

Here at Skip and Waste, we know that ‘waste disposal’ isn’t quite as simple as throwing everything into landfill. That’s why we have several dedicated services designed to tackle whatever waste type that you need removing, in order to ensure that our collection and disposal services are clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

We plan out the best strategy for dealing with all types of waste, whether it’s as domestic as garden and household waste, as large-scale as commercial and industrial waste, or as specialised as waste oil collection. We’ll always evaluate your waste to recycle as much of it as possible; we want to do our bit for the environment as well as our bit for our customers.

Industrial waste can often be dangerous, as it can include hazardous materials such as asbestos or chemical waste. In these cases, we have teams of specialists who are equipped with the technology and the know-how to handle it safely and efficiently within all current legal boundaries. The last thing we would want is for any harm to come to you or those you care about, so we want to take care of your hazardous waste for you.

You can rely on us to ensure that whatever your waste might be, and however much of it there is, that all the necessary precautions — both legal and practical — will be made, and that your waste is put towards the best use possible. We’ve thought of a solution for any waste problem you might have, so even if you don’t see a dedicated service here, you can give us a call and we’ll plan something specially for your project.